Secret Flame has a mailing list to which we will email specific details of and invitations to our events. To be included on this mailing list, please contact Fr Corvus at


January 17th - Initiation workshop
February 21st - MOE Initiations (TBC)
March 20th-23rd - Secret Flame Spring Equinox Seminar
April 18th - Book of the Law ritual intoning workshop
May 23rd - Gnostic Mass (EGC rites & recognitions TBC)
June 20th - MOE Initiations

5th May 2012ev
I am pleased to announce that Sr Shelley has been appointed Treasurer to Secret Flame and that her appointment has been confirmed by the Grand Treasurer General.

19th January 2012ev
Following the decision by the Electoral College and ratification from the Executive Council, Secret Flame Encampment has been elevated to Oasis.


28th August 2010ev
I am pleased to announce that Fr Corvus has been appointed Secretary to Secret Flame and that his appointment has now been confirmed by the Grand Secretary General.


4th July 2010ev
The new Secret Flame website is now up and running. Details of our events and meetings can be found on the list above and on our calendar.

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